Our Work

Our Work

#ShePersisted works to end gendered disinformation and abuse against women in public life through a unique three-pronged strategy.

What we do

Research and Thought Leadership

#ShePersisted produces original research on gendered disinformation, working with some of the world’s most authoritative media outlets and think tanks to ensure that digital harms against women leaders are recognized and addressed as threats to national security, liberal values, and the entire human rights system.

Our research spans over 30 countries around the world, and has been featured in Time Magazine, The Washington Post, Politico, El País, and Voice of America, among many other publications.

Supporting Women Leaders

#ShePersisted works with women leaders at the forefront of democratization efforts around the world to design and implement comprehensive strategies to combat gendered disinformation and online abuse.

We use the latest research and tools available in the field to provide tailored advice and training to women political candidates and activists, enabling them to build cross-border alliances that increase women’s civic participation and hold digital platforms to account.

Advocating for Safer Digital Platforms

#ShePersisted partners with international and domestic organizations, parliaments, and civil society to advocate for the creation of better standards for social media platforms. We work to ensure that these standards consider the real-life harms and abuse that women face, and proactively address them. In 2020, we informed the first public letter to Facebook/Meta’s leadership urging the company to take action against online abuse towards women in politics. The letter was initiated by former U.S. Representative Jackie Speier and signed by 100 women lawmakers from 30 countries.