Past Events

From webinars to in-person events, we regularly work with some of the world’s leading activists and researchers to develop strategies to combat gendered disinformation and digital harms. Take a look at some of our favorite past discussions below!

Disinformation and Deepfakes:
Countering Gender-Based
Online Harassment

Panel Discussion:
How Technology-Facilitated
Gender-Based Violence
Is a Threat to Democracy

Monetizing Misogyny:
Gendered Disinformation
and Online Abuse Against
Women in Politics in India

The Status of
Women is the
Status of Democracy

Monetizing Misogyny:
How Does Media
Spread Gender-Based Disinformation
in Italy & Hungary?

UN CSW67 Side
Session – Tech for Inclusion:
Harnessing Digital Technologies
to Combat Online Violence
Against Women in Politics

Women: How Female
Tech Workers are
Taking on Big Tech

Report Launch:
Canadian Women
Leaders’ Digital
Defence Initiative

IFES’ Gender
Dimensions of
Disinformation in
Elections, Politics,
and the Digital
Information Space

Gendered Disinformation: How
Should Democracies
Respond to This Threat?

Women’s Participation
in Decision-Making
Processes: Equality
and Empowerment for
Stronger Democracies

5ᵗʰ Gathering of the
ParlAmericas Open
Parliament Network

UN CSW65 Side
Session – When Extremism
is Profitable: Gendered
Disinformation and
Women’s Leadership

We Have Your Back:
Breaking the Cycle
from Online Harassment
to Threats to Violence
Against Women

Canadian Women
Leaders’ Digital
Defence Initiative –
Western Canada

Tackling Gender
Based Online
Violence in the
Digital Services Act